Magic Touch

Sometimes Charlotte just needs Grandpa's magic touch....

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Tummy Time

Thanks Grandma Jeannette and Grandpa Dick for the new tummy time mat. Charlotte especially likes checking out the silly baby in the mirror.

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Hanging out with the guys

Charlotte has all the men in her life wrapped around her little finger.

Grandpa Dick

Uncle Sean

Grandpa John

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Charlotte's First Christmas

We spent Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Findley's house. Grandpa John is here from California and Uncle Sean from Hawaii....

Grandpa John made this Santa suit for Charlotte. She wasn't exactly a fan of the hat (but that goes for all hats these days).
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I Am Not Grumpy

Little tootsies....


Charlotte and Grandpa John in their matching Grumpy shirts

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Crazy hair

Showing off her crazy post-bath fluffy hair do and Bill taking bottle duty.

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End of an era....

OK, so it wasn't era, but almost a month. We put Charlotte in her last newborn diaper tonight. Here she is post bath (she needed it after a blow out where she managed to get Daddy's leg too). And then modeling the last newborn dipe.

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Charlotte passed out after a good feeding last night.
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Busy morning

Here's Charlotte just before we left for Target this morning. She actually used the binkie throughout the trip which was a big achievement-- she usually spits it out within seconds. It was our second trip out by ourselves and she did really well. I was even able to get a Peppermint Mocha before leaving the store (still doing decaf). We also did some tummy time this morning, which she usually protests and here's the biggie she's currently asleep in her CRIB! Her crib! It's a small miracle in the Findley house.
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And for good measure a few more pics...

These were all taken last week. As of her doctor's appointment on Friday she's finally back over her birth weight-- she's up to 7 lb 15 oz. She gained almost a pound in a week, so the new feeding/supplementing routine is working for her. She's just about grown out of the newborn diapers now.
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More new pictures....

Bill is teaching Charlotte how to play Civ:

Some pictures in her Charlotte onsie:

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Some new pictures...

Just posting some miscellaneous pictures since we've been so bad about updating lately. These are from different bath times...
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Charlottle's first bath.

Since her cord stump fell off, we decided that it was about time to give her her first bath.

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