Welcoming Summer

We're happy that summer has arrived because that means watermelon. We also got to go swimming yesterday since the pool opened on Saturday. Both kiddos are little fish and loved it.

This afternoon was so hot, we spent most of it indoors though.

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Garden Walk

We went to Meadow Lark Gardens this morning. They opened at 5 am for photographers today, so we were able to go right after breakfast. Even though we were only there from 8-10, it was hot. I think we hit 90 before we left. Oliver napped in the stroller which was such a nice bonus.

The new Korean Bell area

He held his hat up like this the whole nap

We saw several geese families

Bill pointing out the goslings

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Strawberry Festival

Saturday we went to the Strawberry Festival at Great Country Farms. It was a bit crowded and we never even made it to the strawberries. But we had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa Findley and Grandpa John.

Charlotte's favorite part of the day was the "pillow bounce". She climbed right up and jumped right along with the big kids.

Riding the Cow Train

Checking out Grandma's hat

Patty Cake

Our main event was supposed to be the diaper derby. Despite the weeks of training and laps around the living room, Oliver had other plans and never made it past the start line. At one point he turned around, went the opposite direction and spent a few minutes checking out the grass. Needless to say he came in dead last, but he got the same prize as everyone else anyhow.

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