I think that ice has derailed this Trane

I sure hope the Condo Association doesn't give me any guff about replacing our heat pump.

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Finally some real ducks

Charlotte's favorite place to eat was Flame Tree Barbeque where her favorite feathered friends would join us.

They're smart-- they know the best place to find food is under a toddler.

Best part of lunch was chasing ducks afterward.

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More character meets

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Meeting the animals

On our last day in the parks, Charlotte hung out with a lot of animals at Animal Kingdom:

Yeah, she punched him in the chin, but Pooh's a good sport.

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Waiting for her first fireworks

Nice thing about January was they had Wishes (the fireworks) at 6:30 pm. So we let Charlotte stay up late to watch.

Our view of the castle.

Playing with the sword someone put in her stroller. We gave it to the older kids that sat next to us.

Playing with daddy.
Charlotte wasn't actually too into the fireworks. She was interested for the first few minutes and then got over it. The kids around us were much more entertaining.
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Jungle Cruise

On the look out for ducks:

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A favorite ride

One of Charlotte's favorites is the parking lot tram... you can also see the fat lip she got when she fell and scraped it on the carpet waiting for Turtle Talk :(

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Block Party Bash

Daddy's shoulders make a great viewing location.

Charlotte boogied down with the music.

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Charlotte was really interested in Russell's badges and Mr. Fredericksen's walker. She wasn't too into Dug though. Poor puppy rolled over and played dead when Charlotte just ran away from him.

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Another playground

We got her down to her onsie cause it was warm and she had enjoyed the water feature here so much in November. Unfortunately, Floridians are wimps and it was "too cold" so it was turned off. But the rest of the stuff was pretty entertaining.

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Who's the alien?

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Another Duck

Charlotte was pretty fond of Daisy.

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