Post Birthday

There was left over sugar in many forms for many days. Here's Charlotte with her favorite chocolate covered Oreos on a stick.

Oliver playing with his new blocks.

Eating leftover cake.

The Cookie Monster cookies were memorable...

The giant bruise he got a day or so after his birthday.

Daddy's birthday = more cake. Charlotte started to assume that I would bring a cake home with me from work everyday.

Playing with Daddy one morning while Oliver napped.

And insisting I take her picture wearing the hat. This is her version of "smiling" for the camera.

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Oliver's 1st Birthday

We've been way too busy lately... this should been posted, oh two weeks ago. But better late than never, right?

Oliver's birthday was supposed to be held in the park but we had inches and inches and inches of rain the entire week before. So very last minute we were lucky to be able to move it indoors at the community center.

While it was raining and Oliver and Charlotte were visiting Grandma and Grandpa the week before, I spent way too much time making cookies. I was pretty happy with how they turned out for my first time trying anything like it.

We also did an Elmo fruit platter and a Grouch veggie tray.

'Aunt' Carri made Oliver's cake and cupcakes. They were absolutely adorable!

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Oliver loved the balloons and loved the ribbons even more.

Big sister with balloons Grandpa attached to her braids...

Opening presents...

And Oliver's favorite part: eating the cake!

Well, that ribbon was pretty good too.

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What We Did This Weekend

Taught Eeyore and Tigger how to play Candyland. Charlotte also went to her first real movie on Friday with Mom and Grandpa-- Winnie the Pooh. Complete with popcorn and raisinettes it was a big hit, she gives it two thumbs up!

Hung around the house

Let the Fairy Grandfather check the hem on her new dress.

Ate...errr...read some books.

Met up with Grandpa at the Animal Farm.

The favorite part for both was the bounce house. Oliver's first time in it.

Yes, she's literally licking the wall... kid just cause your brother does it doesn't mean you have to too.

Oliver and Charlotte are off for a week visit with Grandpa and Grandma Findley, so Bill can get some contract work done this week. Charlotte's pretty excited about it, almost as much as she's excited about the promise of cake at Oliver's party next weekend.

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