9 months old

Can't believe Charlotte is 9 months old already! Bill took her to her check up today, here's her new stats:

Weight 21 lbs 9.5 oz 90 percentile
Height 27 3/4 in 55 percentile
Head Circumference 18 1/4 in 95 percentile*

*So how many inches of that do you think is hair?


Visiting G and G Findley August 2009

Having fun in the wading pool

G & G got me this neat swing for only $2

I'm standing!

Contemplating the rubber ball and my pumpkin


Camels are funny!

The zoo had a wagon ride pulled by a tractor through the "safari". Yes, it's really out in the burbs notice the houses in the background. Can you imagine living next door to the zebras?

The camels and others came right up to eat out of people's hands.

Charlotte thought the camel was really hilarious.

Intently watching the ostriches. They really pecked the heck out the feed cups.
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Bouffant Duck

Since we love ducks and crazy hairstyles in this family, this duck was one of our favorite things at the zoo.

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Charlotte's First Zoo Adventure

Saturday we took Charlotte to the Reston Zoo. She seemed to enjoy all the people as much as the animals.

Goats were a little intimidating.
Chickens were entertaining.
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Swimming at the grandparent's house...

Charlotte had a fun time at the my parent's house the other weekend. Here are some pictures of her enjoying some time in the wading pool.

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