Christmas Eve

Charlotte loved hanging out with Uncle Sean and Grandpa on Christmas Eve.

One of the last bottles. Since this Monday Charlotte's been officially bottle free. It was her New Year's Resolution (only we didn't tell her about it).

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On Christmas day Charlotte got to open presents and meet Uncle Matt and Holly! She enjoyed all of it.

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Rocking Horse

Charlotte enjoyed trying out the rocking horse at Grandma and Grandpa's.

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Charlotte with Uncle Matt

Here's Charlotte with Uncle Matt on Christmas weekend.

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Christmas "tree"

We decided the tree would just be a continual battle this year, so here's our "tree".

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Pony tail

These are from a week or so ago; Bill got her hair up in a pony.

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Here's pics of what we've gotten so far; it's still coming down fast here.

From our front door-- those bushes are about 2 feet tall for reference.

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Meeting Santa

We took Charlotte to meet Santa Claus this morning. She didn't cry, but she didn't quite know what to make of him either.

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Charlotte could use a good rocking chair today

Okay, so the pic is a few weeks old, but Charlotte could use a good rocking chair today. Yesterday, she had a run in with a hot cup of coffee = 1st degree burns on her chest. Pediatrician says she'll be fine, but she's not much of a fan of the ointment/dressing we have to put on it. She also came down with the stupid cold I've had this week. So she's generally tired and crankier than normal. Of course, being Charlotte this just means a slight reduction in smiles and giggles. And apparently a desire to curl up in mommy's lap with a sippy cup of watered down OJ and The Wiggles on heavy rotation.
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Charlotte's Birthday WDW Trip

Here's a very few of my favorite pictures from our trip. I started with over 1500+ to go through and narrowed them down to about 300 really good ones. It's tough with such a photographic subject (Charlotte-- not us). You can see the 300 on Shutterfly if you have a few minutes...


The highlights of the trip were:

*Charlotte absolutely loved the characters. The furrier the better!

*Charlotte loved all the "bad" food she got to try (especially all the stuff Grandpa snuck her)...
Dole Whip, Ice Cream Sundaes, Birthday Cake, Mac N Cheese etc.

*Charlotte loved all the attention. The Cast Members really doted on her and she just ate it up.

*The weather was great, rained only one day.

*Crowds were light right up until the end of Thanksgiving week.

*Car trip there and back wasn't Charlotte's favorite but she handled it better than the flight to California.

*The hairstylists at the Barber Shop on Main Street do a wonderful job with first haircuts. It went really smoothly.
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