Napping in Bed

Last night we let Charlotte sleep in her "big girl" bed for the first time. This afternoon, she was still very excited to go up and nap. After she got to sleep, I snuck in and got a shot of her curled up.

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Christmas Cards

It's January 8th, almost 9th, so I think I just have to face the facts. The Christmas cards are not getting mailed this year. Sorry guys, working every weekend but one in December sort of put some stuff on the back burner.
Here are the pictures that I took for the card...

And Bill's favorite, if for no other reason Oliver's expression.

Now, does anyone want to help me take down the tree before Saint Patrick's Day?
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Check out my styling outfit

Thanks for the onsie Cousin Elisha and for the kickin' shoes James :D

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Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Findley's

Charlotte and Ollie


Charlotte cooking dinner

Charlotte coloring

Ollie checking out Grandma

Ollie and Grandpa

Decorated Ollie and Grandma

Charlotte getting new teddy bear

Charlotte dancing with new teddy bear

Grandma reading Charlotte a new book