New Year's Eve with G&G Findley

Out visiting the neighbors with our reindeer "antlers"

Ollie loved wearing his "antlers"

Relaxing with Grandma



Ho ho ho!

Oliver finally got to meet Santa for the first time on Sunday. Charlotte tagged along too.

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Santa's Workshop

Charlotte and I went to Santa's Workshop today at the community center. Despite still getting over a cold Charlotte had a fun time making ornaments, eating pizza, and of course meeting the big man himself.

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It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Charlotte was very excited about putting the star up on the tree on Sunday.

And as a surprise for her, I made an advent garland.  Each bag has a small treat and/or a card with a special Christmas activity to do together.

And of course our new scout elf, Zuna, has been appearing on shelves and in other interesting places.  He's had both some good and bad to report back to Santa in the last few days.

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More 3rd Birthday....

Birthday dance with Grandma.

And of course one last shot of the amazing cake or at least the top layer.  And to think her birthday isn't even until tomorrow....

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3rd Birthday Part 3

After nap time, it was time to open presents.

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Charlotte's Birthday Part 2

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