Yes, we did!

Watching the inauguration. (Thanks Uncle Matt for the bebe pod chair).

And then she saw George Bush :P
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Favorite new onsie

Discovering her hand and doing her bathing beauty hand behind the head pose.

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Visiting with G&G

G&G Findley visited two weeks ago (shamefully we're just getting back to blogging now-- we all had a cold and then our internet connection has been down). Charlotte was pretty cranky during their visit since she was getting sick, but she did manage to show them her giggles a little bit.

She looks so much bigger in this pic than the one with them in a similar pose when she was newborn. At her 2 month visit the next day she weighed 11 lbs 6 oz (that's up from 7 lbs 5 oz she weighed at birth).

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Spit happens

Because of her reflux, Charlotte takes spitting up to whole new levels. Or she's just a fashionista and this is her way of making sure we change her outfit at least 3-4 times a day.

Here she is post bath getting re-dirty.

And here she is trying on the cupcake hat that Uncle Sean got her for Christmas. It's still a bit big on her.
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Here's Charlotte modeling the froggy towel Sally got her for Christmas:

Just in the last few days, she's become really fascinated with the waterfall lights on her bouncy seat. She smiles, giggles, and kicks her legs. She even sat in the bouncy long enough for mommy to get a shower yesterday :)

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Baby legs

Charlotte tried on her Baby Legs for the first time today (they're trendy leg warmers for babies... apparently the 80's are back, at least for the infant set). Bill thinks she may have a future as a welder that wants to dance.

In other news, we officially wore out her swing. Fisher Price is sending us a new motor. Maybe she'll have to learn to sleep in her crib now....
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Back to "normal"

Grandpa John went home yesterday :( So we're back to our normal routine, not that there really is much of a routine yet.

We did pay a visit to my work today to drop off some paperwork. Charlotte did pretty well with all the new admirers. Then it was off to the doctor's. She was diagnosed with reflux and we'll be starting Zantac. Hopefully, that will help her with the fussiness around feedings. Someone asked today how much she weighs now-- a whopping 10 lbs 11.5 ozs. And to think a few weeks ago we were worried because she wasn't gaining any weight.

Not the best pics, but here's an attempt to catch her smile tonight.

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