Photopass Pictures from October

We finally got the Photopass pictures and I just got through editing them all.  Here are some of my favorites and a slide show... believe it or not there were a lot more than this, the photographers seemed to latch on to the kids during this trip.  We even had a few follow us around one morning at the Magic Kingdom.

Minnie tickling Oliver

Oliver bit Mickey (probably more than once)

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Christmas 2011

Christmas this year was fairly low key-- I had surgery to remove my gallbladder on the 23rd, so we took it easy at home and the grandparents joined us.  We ended up having a nice relaxing day.

Charlotte's first present to open as part of her advent calendar was her new suitcase from Aunt Carri.  For a three year old, the suitcase was over the top awesome and in addition to taking it to Grandma and Grandpa's house this weekend there have been many games of "party" which for some reason involves packing a suitcase full of random toys going upstairs with it and unpacking it again.

Here's Charlotte in front of the gorgeous stockings her Great Aunt Louise made her and Oliver.  Check out Zuna the elf... he couldn't resist trying them out either.

Posing like this with her brother was Charlotte's idea...

The kids and Bill coming down on Christmas morning.  Charlotte didn't waste anytime claiming presents.  

Here's Oliver checking out the new monorail.

And here's Oliver opening his big girl pirate ship with a "little" help from his sister.  Charlotte told Santa and everyone else that asked that she and her brother wanted "big girl pirate ships" for Christmas.  She also made a point of saying that Oliver wanted to share his ship with her.  When we asked her if she was going to share too, her response...  "Yes, I will share.  I will share with myself."

Santa was generous to Charlotte as well, here she is opening a big girl pirate ship of her own.  She actually has been pretty good about sharing all her presents with everyone including herself and her brother.

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