First Day with Daddy

I went back to work yesterday, so it was Bill's first full day alone with Charlotte. They did brilliantly :) She slept much better for him-- two long naps. Here's proof they made it out ok ;) Bill does look a little tired though....

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Tummy Time on the Couch

Charlotte's been doing better with tummy time. She likes it best when you put her on the couch and you sit on the floor. That way she's face to face with you and can "talk" to you better. She babbles away. And she tests out her legs a lot-- she's able to scoot forward. Not quite crawling but she's getting closer.

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Orchid Station

Bill's orchid finally bloomed. They're not the most exotic flowers ever, but they're well loved. Bill has been babying them for over three years now. (We bought it when it wasn't blooming, so the type of flowers were a surprise to us).

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Three Month Check Up Update

Charlotte had her three month check up this morning. She's now 13 lbs 14 oz and 23 3/4 in long. That's 88th percentile for weight and 55th percentile for length. Her head circumference was 16 3/4 in which is also 88th percentile. The doctor was happy with her milestones-- smiling, standing with help, looking toward noises, following movements. We switched her over to Previcid to see if it helps her reflux better than the Zantac did.

For those that don't know yet, I'll be going back to work on Friday. Very mixed emotions on that one. I'll really miss her during the day, but I'm looking forward to spending more time with grownups. And I know she'll be in good hands since she'll be home with Bill :)

Rubber Ducky You're the One

You make bath time lots of fun :)

And of course the hands are still the yummiest things ever.

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Pink robe

Here's the robe Aunt Carri got Charlotte for Christmas....

Stop with the paparazzi already......

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Naps are best on the Daddy pillow

Afternoons are cranky time, so we gave up today trying to get her in the crib-- she's asleep on the Daddy pillow.

Friskie seemed a bit jealous of the lap real estate.
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Check out my new shoes

Checking out the booties that Kate gave her...

Wearing her new Winnie the Pooh spa slippers from Aunt Carri...

Daddy multi-tasking

Can you tell she's a bit obsessed with her hands these days? Apparently they're the yummiest things ever.
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Little hand

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Another Valentine's Picture

Grandma and Grandpa already posted some of these, but I loved the expressions on both their faces in this shot :) And btw the barrette only stayed in for maybe 5 minutes. Maybe next year she can really wear them.

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More Daddy Time

Playing in the bouncy (Daddy's more fun than even the waterfall).

Bongo Tummy

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Daddy Time

Riding in the Snugli

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Bradley Class Reunion

We went to a potluck with the parents and babies from our Bradley Childbirth Class two weeks ago. Here's a picture with all the little ones. Yes, Charlotte's mouth happens to be closed in this pic but it was a fluke. She spent most of the time screaming :P
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Showing grandma my new Valentine outfit and matching hair barrette.

Getting a much needed bath on Sunday morning. Grandma ensures this picture is publishable!

Enjoying the seat that Uncle Matt gave me.

Charlotte happy after nearly eight hours sleep that night.

Charlotte discovering her hands