Oli's first bath

Oli is a pretty mellow baby. The only time he reliably cries a lot is during diaper changes. He seems to hate being naked. So we were ready for a loud first bath. He had another idea. He fell right asleep within seconds of being put in.

Asleep in the bath

Post bath, barely awake

Conked out again with Daddy shortly after, Daddy almost asleep as well.

It's now been 5 (!) hours since his last bottle. This is the longest stretch he's gone. Not sure if it was the bath, that we gave him a slightly bigger bottle, or what, but Oli just might be getting a bath every night from now on... maybe two ;)
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Playdate yesterday

Charlotte went to her first playdate since Oli's arrival yesterday. Lots of running, sliding, and more running. Oli was the perfect gentleman and slept in the moby wrap the whole time so mommy could play photographer.

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Grandpa brings the best presents

Grandpa John visited yesterday and brough presents. Charlotte's favorite part was the fashionable hat.

Grandpa with Oli at one week old

Enjoying coloring
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Today's Adventures

Chilling out in the swing

Tummy time
Flowers from work
Home again after pre- pre-school
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Day 4

Oli kept mom and dad up most of last night, but we still had a great day 4. This morning Charlotte and mommy went for a walk and a short spell at the playground. Then Oli had his first doctor's appointment while Charlotte and daddy went to another playground, Trader Joe's and the library. Oli is almost back up to his birth weight, already 7 lbs 14 oz. His ultra sound on his hip came back normal, so clear bill of health :) 'Aunt' Carri came to visit us for lunch. Then after nap, Charlotte tried out her new sidewalk chalk while Oli tried out the baby carrier for the first time. To top it off Charlotte loved the banana pancakes Daddy made for dinner.

Tomorrow is Charlotte's first day of pre- preschool, so another eventful day in the works.

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Meeting Grandparents

Grandpa John (aka Parka which is Charlotte's name for him) doing double duty...

Another pic of the coming home outfit...
Meeting Grandma Jeannette...
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Mr. Oliver Comes Home

This was Oli's coming home outfit. He can't wait to see his new buddy Gabe (my cousin Elisha's little one due at the end of the month) in his coordinating hat!

Bill was surprised that even with the straps in the tightest position they're still slightly lose. Oli will need to grow into them....

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Oliver's Arrival

Charlotte's now officially a big sister, so we'll be needing suggestions for a name change for the blog.

Oliver Dale Findley was born at 6:56 pm on Friday, September 10. He was 8 lbs and 20 in. His head was 14 in. And as everyone was interested to know... there's some hair, but there's less of it and it's lighter and more like peach fuzz then his sister's.

More details for those interested: I was 40 weeks 2 days, so over due and at 38 weeks I had had an ultra sound which estimated that Oli was already 8 lbs 2 oz at that point-- glad that was wrong! I went in Thursday night for the induction at 9 pm after being scheduled for 7 pm. The hospital was extremely busy and we were lucky to get a room. I was checked in by 10:30 and given cervadil.

I started having contractions by about 3-4 am. By 7 am I was 3 cm and we started pitocin and the doctor, Dr. Barrett, broke my water. Soon after the pitocin was started I got my epidural, which I still love. I was fortunate to only have contractions that were really manageable. Nothing horrible at all.

Then Oli decided to take his sweet time. I was checked next at about 10:30 am and I was 4 cm. Again at around 3 pm, still 4 cm. The next check wasn't until about 5 and I was finally 8 cm at that point. The nurse kept saying that we wouldn't start pushing until I was "ready to beg" because she wanted to make sure we were really, really ready.

At about 6:30, I told the nurse that I wasn't really "ready to beg" yet but I thought we'd start pushing soon. First push and the nurse thought maybe it wasn't time yet. Second push and the nurse said to stop! It was time to call for the doctor. Not pushing was tricky, but Dr. Barrett arrived just in time. Two more pushes and Oli was out.

His cord had a true knot in it and was wrapped around his neck as well. Doctor said it was good that he came fast at the end. His apgar score was 8/9. So far he's a champion pooper and is sleeping great. Mommy is tired and happy. Charlotte's getting used to the whole idea. And Daddy is reading over my shoulder...

More pics to come soon. Thanks everyone for the well wishes and especially to Grandpa John for watching Ms. C and Grandma and Grandpa Findley for visiting today.
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Better, faster, stronger

A few weeks ago, she helped me while I replaced Elmo's batteries. Ever since, she's tried to repeat the trick on her own.

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More from the garden

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Pretty in pink

We're having lovely weather this weekend. So we decided to head out to the botanical garden yesterday morning.

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