Turkey day, G&G Findley with Charlotte in conversation on the coutch

My parents came over to the house on Thanksgiving and we had a nice meal together. After cleaning up and eating some pie and before leaving for home, Grandma and Grandpa had some time chatting with Charlotte.

Cuteness ensued.

Did I mention that she was born on my Dad's birthday? Perhaps that's why his smile is just a little broader.
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Here are pictures of the nursery for those who haven't seen them yet...

We painted the animals using a pattern back in September with the help of Grandma and Grandpa Findley. (And of course the crib bumpers have been removed-- we just kept them in for pictures).

Sorry for the funky pic sizes-- click on the pictures for the full view.

Bouncy seat cuteness

Charlotte is cutest in her bouncy seat. It keeps her happy in the living room while we do stuff around the house.

Here we've switched to another swaddling technique.
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Mommy and Charlotte cuddling.
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Grandma Findley and Charlotte bonding.

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Here I am taking Charlotte along on our first outing. We had our first pediatrician appointment today.
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The first night home was a little bumpy, as we each get used to what each of us needs. I managed to catch more sleep than Jessica. The day after, we decided to break out the bouncy seat to see if she would sleep more soundly there. What do you know? It worked!
This let Jessica catch a much needed catnap on the couch across the room. Can't we all just get along?

Charlotte managed a solid 2 hours of shuteye in that contraption. I think we'll keep it.
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At 4:26 pm, on November 20, we welcomed our daughter, Charlotte Mela Findley into the world. She's a healthy 7 pounds, 5 ounces, and a lengthy 20.75 inches.

Here are some nurses cleaning her off.
Of course, she wasn't entirely pleased to be out in the world.

Here we are, the tired, happy parents.

Here is the link to the the web album of more pictures at the hospital.
Charlotte at the Hospital

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