Last few Christmas pictures

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Oliver's first Christmas

His favorite part was just all the one on one attention.

Looking serious...

Checking out the new rattles

Attacked by a sock monkey (thanks Uncle Matt and Holly)

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Open presents!

Charlotte was very into "open presents!" (and a bit bossy about it too). She unwrapped both her and her brothers gifts. A few of Grandpa John's too.

New cars from Aunt Carri... one of her favorites this year

New puzzle

Reading a card from Great Grandma and Grandpa

Showing Oli her car wash

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So much for the cute picture of the matching PJs

Getting a picture of the two of them together is not easy

especially on Oli
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Christmas Day

Santa was very generous this year

Oli and the new sign for his and Charlotte's room.

Opening blocks... each new toy had to be played with before moving on to the next present. It took over four hours to get through everything, even then we rushed her through the last few cause it was nap time.

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Cookies for Santa

On Christmas Eve, Charlotte and I baked cookies for Santa.

All done

The ones Charlotte picked out for Santa (and a carrot for the Reindeer)

What we found Christmas morning, Charlotte quickly volunteered to finish the cookies for Santa. No such interest in the carrot.

Later in the day, we told Charlotte she had to eat some orange before she could have another cookie. Her response, "Charlotte cookie! Reindeer orange!" Apparently since we don't have a dog, the reindeer are good candidates for pawning off unwanted fruit and veggies on.
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Ho ho ho!

Charlotte got to catch up with Santa on Saturday at Frying Pan Park. It was freezing, hence her pink nose.

Charlotte's loving the Christmas season so far. Jingle Bells is a giant hit as is the chocolate in the advent calendar every night.
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