Bath time

Oliver still loves his baths, especially with oatmeal in them. And yes, he's pretty much all tummy...

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This weekend while Charlotte was at Grandma and Grandpa's house, we pulled out the activity mat for Oliver. (Charlotte co-opted it within minutes of returning home).

Oliver has started smiling. Grandma was a champ at getting the big smiles out of him... he can be rather stingy with them.

Sorry this is out of focus, but it's the best smile picture we've gotten so far.
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Newish Videos

These were taken last month, but I'm just getting around to uploading them...

Big foot

Trying on Daddy's shoes

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Oliver's 1 month stats

Just got back from his one month appointment (I know it's late but the pediatrician had no earlier appointments). His stats are:

22 in - 60th percentile
10 lbs 15 oz - 75th percentile

Head: 15 1/4 in - 50th percentile


Quilt time

Oliver on the wonderful quilt that Great Aunt Louise made him.

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Oh wow, more pumpkins....

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And more pumpkins...

No fear! Charlotte is an expert at climbing.

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More pumpkin patch fun

Bill's shirt was pretty much all Oli saw of the pumpkin patch. He had a nice view of the much needed coffee as well.

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Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch this morning. The weather was beautiful and Charlotte loved climbing on the pirate ship.

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Sound asleep

The most asked question seems to be, "How is he sleeping?" Oliver's a pretty good sleeper. He's usually getting up once or twice a night at this point. He does usually have a fussy period in the evenings, but thankfully it usually corresponds with Charlotte's bedtime.

Oh and somehow his hair seems to be getting a bit red. I don't know where that came from.

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Rockin' Out

Checking out Daddy's Headphones

Just hanging out...

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Bath tub

These are a few weeks old. We've been trying to catch up on sleep during kiddo free moments, but we'll try to be better about getting pictures posted :)

Charlotte really loves to try out all of Oliver's stuff. Of course most of it did belong to her at one point, but she doesn't know that. We have to watch the binkies. She insists on doing tummy time when he does. The buckles on his swing and carseat are endlessly fascinating. Here she is playing with his bath tub.

For comparison, here she is at almost 1 month:

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And at 3 months:

And here's a few pictures of Oliver before his baby acne really kicked in.

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