Charlotte playing in her door jumper for the first time.

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First taste of cereal

Here she is for the first time in her high chair:

And the first bite....

Not a fan at all...looks like she may need a couple more weeks before solids.

In other news she had her 4 month appointment on Monday. She's now 15 lb 3 oz and 25 in. Everything looked good per the doc (she said Charlotte is "thriving"). And she dealt with the 4 month shots like a champ. Next doctor's appointment won't be until she's 6 months old.

And it looks like April is shaping up to be an exciting month for Charlotte. We're going to Grandma and Grandpa Findley's for Easter weekend. Then from April 17-May4 Grandpa John is coming to visit. We can't wait :)
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Old MacDonald

All ready for our visit to the farm....

One of the new babies
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On the farm

We went to visit the new baby animals at Kidwell Farm this afternoon.

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Single daddy for a day.

Jessica is staying overnight with Carrie in DC so that she can meet with some old work buddies. I guess that makes me a single parent for a day. Here we are leaving my swingin' bachelor pad.

It was quite temperate today, so Charlotte and I took a late morning and afternoon walk. She likes being in the carrier, and I like walking. We took the opportunity to examine blooming crocus, and almost blooming daffodil and crab apple.

Charlotte sure like chewing on things. Is she practicing for teething?
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Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Couple of quick pictures from before work this morning:

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Great Aunt Myra meets Charlotte

Great Aunt Myra meets Charlotte

Grandma kisses are the best

Don't you love my baby blue eyes!


Make Way for Ducklings

Charlotte had a blast tonight playing with her numerous rubber ducks. She just got a new family from Great Grandma and Grandpa Byrer to add to her collection. It was a relaxing end to a fun day with Great Aunt Myra, Grandma Jeannette, and Grandpa Dick.

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Snow Day

This is the view we woke up to this morning. Enough snow to call off work-- yipee! We let Charlotte feel it and even taste a bit.

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