18 month check up

Charlotte apparently *hated* her doctors appointment. Lots of screaming :( But she's hitting all her milestones and by bedtime she seemed to forgive us the shots.

Latest stats:

25 lb 7 oz weight (50-75%)
31 1/2 in height (50%)
19 in head (90%)


What're you rebelling against, Charlotte? ... Whaddya got?

Thank again to Matt and Holly for the bike. She's not exactly stable on it yet, but she really likes it all the same.

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I'll be back

Charlotte doing her Arnold impression. Or wearing Daddy's sunglasses while trying out the nifty push bike Uncle Matt and Holly got her for Christmas.

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Watching the animals

And chasing a few of them...

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Animal Park

We bought annual passes to the Leesburg Animal Park. Here's a few of Charlotte playing on one of their play areas.

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