Happy Halloween!

We celebrated Halloween today with all the grandparents.

First there was the pumpkin carving (or at least the pumpkin de-gutting... we didn't finish before nap time, so tomorrow he'll get a face.)
Then after nap we got the kids in their costumes.

Meet Dorothy...

We bundled everyone up and braved the snow to go to the Air & Scare at the National Air and Space Museum (Udvar-Hazy).

And here's the Flying Monkey.  It was a bit difficult getting Oliver into the rest of his costume.









Borrowing my witch's hat.


The snow did not seem to scare off any of the crowds.

Charlotte literally almost knocked the Marshmallow Man clear over. 



We also took some video, but make no promises on timeliness since we haven't even gotten pictures posted from our trip yet.
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