What We Did This Weekend

Taught Eeyore and Tigger how to play Candyland. Charlotte also went to her first real movie on Friday with Mom and Grandpa-- Winnie the Pooh. Complete with popcorn and raisinettes it was a big hit, she gives it two thumbs up!

Hung around the house

Let the Fairy Grandfather check the hem on her new dress.

Ate...errr...read some books.

Met up with Grandpa at the Animal Farm.

The favorite part for both was the bounce house. Oliver's first time in it.

Yes, she's literally licking the wall... kid just cause your brother does it doesn't mean you have to too.

Oliver and Charlotte are off for a week visit with Grandpa and Grandma Findley, so Bill can get some contract work done this week. Charlotte's pretty excited about it, almost as much as she's excited about the promise of cake at Oliver's party next weekend.

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