Enjoying some Independence

One last swing pic, can you tell I took a few? She was so happy outside today, but we did have a few melt downs at home. She was not fond of hair combing this morning and naps weren't great. I'm thinking (hoping) it's more teething and it will be over soon. So far the two front bottom teeth have come in.

Yep, she's mastered crawling. She's fastest when she's chasing the cat. Friskie is still a delectable treat. Thankfully Friskie is still sweet to Charlotte, mostly ignoring her. Occasionally, Friskie will snuggle up to Charlotte when she's drinking her bottle. Our theory is that's the safest time-- baby's mouth occupied and all.

She's also perfected getting from her belly when crawling to sitting up.

And the scariest thing of all is that she's started to pull herself up. She also can stand by herself for about 20 seconds holding on to the couch. Eeek! I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet! (Oh and check out the back of the mullet, this was post hair combing and it's still crazy.)

I finally figured out how to get a video from the camera uploaded. (Faster internet certainly helped.) In her video debuts, here's Charlotte from earlier today:
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