Visiting the "Greats"

My daddy and Grandpa and Grandma Findley took me to Indiana to meet my "greats"
Great Grandma Findley let me sit in her lap.

Great Grandpa Byrer let me steer his restored Ford tractor.

Grandpa Findley held me tightly during the pontoon boat ride.

Grandma Findley showed me the many sights on Huffman Lake when we went on the boat ride.

I don't know what is more fun - standing by myself or riding in Great Grandpa Byrer's pontoon boat
And Great Grandpa Byrer let me steer the pontoon boat too!

Grandpa Findley takes me for a ride after the pontoon boat ride.

Four generations - That's "great", isn't it Great Grandpa Byrer?


Valerie (aka tanookie) said...

Beautiful little girl! I love her expressions.

Anonymous said...

4 generations of a great family. It was great seeing Charlotte.
Love, Aunt Myra.