Walt Disney World Take 1 (or 3)

We got home from Oli's first and Charlotte's third trip to Walt Disney World last night. Still pretty exhausted, but wanted to get these posted while I was still motivated. The trip probably tied with our infamous family trip to Cancun for being cursed... no medical professionals had to visit our room, but I did sprain my ankle pretty badly the morning we left, Bill broke his glasses right before we left, and Charlotte spent an entire day projectile vomiting.

Even with all that, it really was an excellent trip. Charlotte, Oli, Bill, and I stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village. We had a savannah view and Charlotte thoroughly enjoyed saying "Good Morning" and "Good Night" to the animals each day. Grandpa John stayed near by at Bonnet Creek.

The highlight of the trip was being picked as "Family of the Day" in Toontown. We got a personal tour from the Mouse himself.

Here are a handful of my favorite pictures:

Charlotte meets "Missy" for her private tour

Oli modeling his Pooh outfit

Grandpa teaching Charlotte how to drive

Stickers were a huge hit this trip

And of course Oli got his first set of ears

And for those of you with too much time on your hands, here's a slide show of all the "good" pictures. I'll post more once we get our photo pass pictures back.

And here's a link to the photos online if you want to see larger versions.


tanookie said...
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tanookie said...

I love the pic of Charlotte and Mickey!