August Afternoon

We had the first really nice weather in what feels like forever today. So Charlotte and I walked to the little playground after work.

I let her pick one flower from this tree, which then could not be set down for anything.

Even climbing had to be done with the flower.

By this point the flower has become a casualty of rolling around in the grass. You can see a bit on the left if you look closely.

Roaring like a dinosaur!

Oliver was happy to see us when we got home. He has had an interesting day... let's just say it involves Charlotte's potty and his tendency to put *everything* in his mouth. The kid will never, never, ever hear the end of that one.

Oliver's crooked growl face. I didn't catch all of it; he also scrunches up his eyes when he's doing it full force.

Charlotte has had some issues wearing her bike helmet, so she and Bill had been practicing today. Charlotte decided dinner was a good time to practice.

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