WDW Part 2

The day they wore their Grandpa made pirate costumes the kids got a lot of attention... especially Oliver much to Charlotte's chagrin.

James the Photopass guy followed Oli around like his own personal paparazzi.

Charlotte was picked to be on stage in the Pirate Tutorial.

And now for the princess costumes, first Cinderella. (Yes! Grandpa did these as well).

Did we mention how much Oliver flirted with the princesses?

And on our last day in the parks, Charlotte was Snow White.

Then we went on to Myrtle Beach where the kids saw the Atlantic ocean for the first time.

And in case you're incredibly patient and want to see more pictures, here is a slide show for your viewing pleasure:

We have another trip planned for January to meet up with some friends.  It can't come too soon for Miss Charlotte though.  She asks about when we are going to "Mickey Mouse's House" at least a few times a day since we got back.  Last night she tried the stand by of  telling us that there were only "3 more sleeps until Mickey Mouse's House"...we wish kiddo, we wish.

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